dinsdag 18 maart 2014

From bad to worse

If you asked me, two weeks ago I was very motivated to participate at CWIF, training in the Climbing Works and some outdoors bouldering in the peak! But after a real stressfull(!!) week, I was tired and not really motivated anymore for the comp.

To make a long story short; While I was climbing the qualification of CWIF, I had some pain in my right middle finger after the 21st boulder, some pain I never felt before and didn't really know what it was. Beside the pain I also felt that the tendon was coming out of my finger.. my pulley is torn, the only question now is, if it's completely ruptured or just a small tear.

The rest of the week I need to rest for my finger, while i'm looking at all these amazing boulders in the gym and outdoors.. That's really frustrating on the moment, but I hope I can climb soon again, so I still will be able to do the rest of the program that was planned for me. Keep my fingers crossed!!